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[DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. is not only considered to be one of the most leading business network service providers in the United Kingdom. The scope of our business includes also significant service parts of network security, digital forensic and investigation, data rescue and disaster recovery planning for business.

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Unfortunately a lot of businesses still handle the issue of network security with carelessness.

Over the past years we found out, that the amount of these business is steadily increasing. We could also reveal that the reason for this is not a matter of money, lazy behaviour or even missing technical resources or knowledge! Indeed we'd been shocked that the reason for a lack of paying attention to network security issues is simply to wrong information.

Even in mid-size enterprises people believe they are safe and sound on their computers because they enabled the firewall and have installed a virus protection software from a third party vendor that even performs auto-updates frequently.

But what is the reason that makes people thinking the wrong way?

The very first reason for the above is found in the media and spread advertisements from security software vendors. They make the people fall for their product by promising an instance of 100% peace of mind and cutting costs of thousands of Pounds when buying their product.

The second reason is ironically based in the first reason: People wrongly believe, that the matter of network security starts on a single computer!

In fact, it does not! If a perpetrator can be logged on the network interface of a workstation inside of a company's private network, than it is too late!

To safely lock down your network the professional way, we offer:
  • Network Infrastructure Planning
  • Penetration Tests (inside/outside)
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Individual VPN Solutions
  • Transparent Proxy Services
  • Router & Firewall Hardware
  • 24x7 Network Monitoring


An official estimation has tragically revealed:

Of companies that suffered a major loss of business critical data due to an incident:
  • 43% never reopen
  • 51% close within 2 years after the incident
  • 6% only are able to sustain in business
Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) is preparing your company for the unthinkable, the unexpected and how to get over it.

But honestly: Are events such as: Flood, Fire, Earthquakes, War, Civil Unrest and even Acts of God really so unthinkable to make them unexpected to us? Surely they are not!

BCP is aligned to determine an organisation's hard and soft assets to protect them from threats or other impacts. For instance the organisation is already stricken by an impact, BCP consists of methods, practices, measurements, assessments, investigations and comes up with concepts how to keep the business operational.

In general, to explain the means and the importance of a BCP: In order to produce goods or services (economical business output) an organisation has assets, such as IT equipment, plants, real estates and even staff. All the counted assets are exposed to different types of threats whilst the threats have also a different impact to the assets and the organisations's ability to maintain its business operations. Its to BCP to determine assets, its threats and assess all the impacts interfering assets and business operation.

DRP is kind of a subset of BCP and is focused on how to restore business operation after an impact. DRP includes strategies, policies and control measures such as: data backup procedures, fail-over solutions, redundancy.

As the IT and especially computer data have become increasingly critical to a permanent business operation over the past years, DRP today is more focused on procedures and concepts to restore the organisations's IT infrastructure. But indeed DRP consists also of strategies regarding real estates, staff, and other business equipment and resources.

[DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. offers you its profound skills and its experience to raise professional concepts for BCP & DRP to keep a stricken business operational after an unexpected impact and how to restore it.

BCP - Business Continuity Planning   DRP - Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Determination of Hard/Soft Assets
  • Threat & Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Definition of common impact scenarios
  • Determination of Requirements
  • Individual BCP Solution Design
  • Implementation of BCP Solution
  • Testing, Training, Improvement
  • Classification of disasters
  • DRP Control Measures
  • IT & Data Backup Strategies
  • Concepts for Backup/Remote Sites
  • Individual DRP Solution Design
  • Implementation of DRP Solution
  • Testing, Training, Improvement

We all know that it is quite far beyond our human abilities to monitor everyone and everything and apply proper corrective action instantly. We also know, that justice can't be all around on the spot whenever we need it.

Clearly, even the best equipment coupled with a 24x7 monitoring does'nt guarantee at all to be 100% immune from cyber crimes. The latter becomes even more interesting and complicated when considering and also following domestic law upon that in addition are to be determined all the issues of what, how, and when a monitoring against an organisation's staff' activities is allowed to take place.

Several investigations concluded with the result, that in most of the cases the committed crime originated from inside of the organisation: Either committed from own staff or in an act of revenge from released employees.

But sadly, of the bad news the above is not good enough by half! Companies stricken by a crime often face among the chaos and disaster another, fairly unexpected fact: Public authorities e. g. prosecutors, police departments (even specialised ones!) and judges are far from having either the skill or the knowledge to comprise the full scope and real disaster and its means for the organisation concerned!

An appropriate and fast incident response by public authorities is rarely seen. This is not at all to that they don't have proper trained and skilled officers! They have, but much to less of them and they are completely overloaded with work and thus, the story ends up in assigning lesser trained personnel to the investigation which turn the disaster from bad to worse.

Indeed there's a lot to do when the worst became true - but much less to prevent from it. Anyway, the very first hours after a committed crime are not only the most important ones but they are crucial for the final outcome of the upcoming investigation.

[DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. can fortunately respond very quickly to such incidents as we have always available a team of digital forensic experts and independent investigators and each of them is holding worldwide a record of an extraordinary and excellent reputation.

How [DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. can be of help of you and what we can do for you:

Incident response after detecting a crime (off-site)
  • assigning a trained expert by phone to you within 2 hours from the first contact
  • determination of current situation and its impact to your business operation
  • advising steps for safeguarding the scene and preserving possibly evidence
  • discussing steps for contacting important staff, clients, suppliers and public authorities
  • discussing possibly trusted third parties (staff) to involve for task delegation and support
  • advising you necessary steps to restore business critical facilities and its operation
Subsequent Investigation Procedure (on-site)
  • upon request, providing on-site experts within 48 hours (depending on location)
  • conducting interviews
  • examination of log files, hard drives, e-mails, hardware
  • reporting and documentation of findings
External / remote hand investigation services
  • data recovery and restore from hard drives
  • log file and protocol analysis
  • reporting and documentation of findings

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