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  Start Are you new to us? Start here!

Are you new to us? Start here!

The most important issue we here at [DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. turn a very close eye to is to keep things as simple as possible to achieve a maximum of ease of use no matter which service or facility from us you wish to make use of. These four topics below give you a brief overview of the major facilities of this web site and directly point you to the right step of beginning to come closer to us.

Domain registration.

You wish to register a new personal domain name or even require a new name for your business? Great! Why don't do it now and make us your domain registrar for your new domain name? We offer certain top level domain (TLD) endings which are: .co.uk, .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .eu, .cc, .de and depending on the web hosting package you later go for, even the annual due extension fee is inclusive. If you wish to register a new domain name please click below on 'register new domain >>' to check whether the desired name is free for registration

Web Hosting.

When it comes to the need of a web hosting package either for a new domain name you wish to register with us when or you plan to transfer an already registered domain name to us, you can start with choosing a web hosting tariff from our package portfolio. We offer an interesting selection of unrivalled web hosting packages each designed and tailored for a particular purpose to cover all your requirements. Click below on 'show all hosting packs' to learn more about our offers and make your selection.

Provider change.

From time to time it may happen that people become unsatisfied with their current service provider and may think about to change. Did you know, that to change from your current service provider to a new one is easier than you ever believed it is? As we are dealing for you with the entire transfer matter you can be fully peace of mind that your web site remains online without any interruption and no e-Mails will go lost. On our provider change page we give you all the necessary information what you need to know about such a domain and service transfer and how we deal with those matters. Click below on 'provider change >>' to learn how easy it is to switch to us.

Request service.

Offering web hosting services is only one item out of the scope of our company. In fact: We are far more flexible than you may expect. No matter if your inquiry concerns certain network services such as secure proxy or corporate VPN access or is even focused on application and database development. No doubt, we can help and in any case it is worth to have us contacted in order to discuss your requirements. Click below on 'request a service >>' to send us your comments or inquiry for a particular service.
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