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  Start How runs the order process?

How runs the order process?

There are only five easy steps to perform when you place an online for your new web hosting service with us. Please note, that our system offers the convenience to start with your order from 2 different points: You can either first choose your web hosting package (1) and continue to the next step (2) on which you check if your desired domain name is free for registration or the opposite: First domain check and then selecting the web hosting package. Below we explain in full detail step by step with enlargeable pictures each step of the order process and tell you what exactly happens.


When entering the domain name you wish to register and clicking the 'check >>' button, our system then contacts for each TLD-ending we do currently offer online the respective Whois-Server of the TLD-responsible network information centre. For example: For a domain name ending on .co.uk, our system contacts the Whois-Servers of Nominet as this organisation is responsible for all domain names ending on .uk - for .de domains suffixes the Whois-Servers of the German DENIC e. G. will be queried and so on.

Each contacted server will respond with a result telling our system if your desired domain is available for registration or not. The result is displayed on the next page and you can see which TLD-ending is available or taken. If your initially selected TLD-ending is taken you may either select a free TLD-suffix or click the '<< check again' button to repeat the availability check with a different domain name.

Tip: If your desired domain name contains different words, try to repeat the check with segregating hyphens '-' between the single words!
Domain Check

Domain Check Result

PLEASE CONSIDER: Time and technique always matter!

Despite this, that your domain name may have been reported to us as 'available/free', we can not guarantee at all that this is still the case when you have finished your order! The result we receive is only valid in the moment you conduct the availability check. In really rare cases it could happen that in the meantime while you complete your order someone else is registering your domain name with another provider. Also technical issues need to be taken into account: As we do not have any influence on the health of any third parties's server systems, the supplied query result could be wrong.

If the above mentioned rarely seen scenario becomes the case and your domain name can not be registered after you finished your order we will immediately contact you to either discuss the option of a different domain name or arrange a free of charge order cancellation and refund.


At this step of your online order you select the service package that meets best your requirements for a web hosting. Our packages are designed for specific purposes. At the end of each package's short description you can find a '...more ' link which - by clicking on it - presents you its complete service description including all features, term and prizing information. If you are not sure which one of the offered web hosting packages is best for you, do not hesitate to contact us by telephone, email or use our web site's contact form. We are convinced that upon your needs our personal advise provides you with some more helpful facts to make the final decision easier for you. If you have found a suitable web hosting package just click on the box and press 'continue >>'. Package Selection


To deal with your order and to welcome you as a new customer of our company we need some common personal details from you. Those details are also necessary, to make you on the site of the respective TLD-registrar company the owner of the domain name you have chosen at order step 2. In order to do so, we are obliged, to transfer your address details to the particular registrar. The registrar company in questions is using your details to assign the domain name personally to you or your business. On our site we use your personal details to identify you among our other clients, to maintain a steady correspondence with you and to invoice you. While dealing with your sensitive personal details our data protection policy applies to assure you that everything is put in safe hands and dealt with on a very high level of confidentiality. To continue to next stop in which we present you a summary of your order, you must agree to our terms and conditions. Registration Deteails


At this stage we present you with all the details relating to your order at a glance. You see your personal registration information from stop 3 and as well the web hosting package and domain name you previously select on step 1 and 2. On this summary page we you may stuff you selected web hosting package with additional package options, if those options are available for the respective package. Summary

For your convenience at the bottom of this summary page you can select the currency for your payment. Pound Sterling (GBP) or Euro (EUR) is available. Despite you may prefer to pay in Pound Sterling (GBP), we will issue the final invoice to you in EUR currency on the exact equivalent inter bank FX rate that applies for the day of your order and contains the same EUR figures we displayed you above under 'Your itemised service & invoice details'. The German electronic direct debit 'ELV' is not available for payments made in Pound Sterling (GBP). Summary


Congratulations! You have now reached the final step of your order process: Payment. Click on the bar 'Payment with Credit Card' when you wish to pay by Master Card, Visa Card or American Express. If you are a client from Germany and hold a bank account in Germany, you can as well click the bar 'Lastschrift (ELV)'. When choosing the latter you need the following details to hand: Account No., sort code (BLZ), name of the bank, location of the bank and the name of the account owner. Please ensure, that sort code (BLZ) matches the location of the bank! For example: if you hold an account with 'Deutsche Bank AG' in the city of Cologne, then you must enter Cologne and not Frankfurt! Payment

After you have entered your details click on 'Make payment' the confirmation from our system appears shortly. In case your payment has been refused, you can jump back to try again with another payment method.

We do not save at any time your payment credentials in our records!

What happens next?

If your payment was confirmed we will then automatically process all your order information on the following steps:
  • issuing a unique client id under which all of your service agreements with us are filed
  • generating a unique contract id to identify the web hosting package you just ordered
  • making the domain registration for your domain name at the responsible registrar company
  • providing the first invoice as PDF document - it reflects all items you just payed at step 5
  • confirming the receipt of your payment by email
  • submit the personal access credentials for our secure client portal by email
Please consider:

On certain web hosting packages the setup requires human/manual interaction on our site, e. g. if you order a root server.
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