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[DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. Corporate CA (internal PKI)

[DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. operates an own fully organised internal Certificate Authority / PKI Public Key Infrastructure in purpose of authentication, authorisation, encryption and confidentiality for certain network services.

Providing certain network services, e. g. such us Wireless Internet Access (WiFi) requiring EAP-Authentication over TLS/TTLS/PEAP, VPN, FTPs all those server and client certificates have been signed and issued by our Corporate CA.

Whenever it comes for us to the issues of data protection, network security, combat of fraud and identity theft, confidentiality, non-repudiation under no circumstance we would ever comprise just to get things work for you.

We can testify that there are a lot of competitors around doing their job exactly the negligent way but luckily a plenty amount of them is going out of business on the very first occasion when having been trapped in a pitfall and ruined the business of their own client.

Making use of our services and exchanging over our network infrastructure sensitive data with other we considers this the highest level of trust a customer could ever grant us.

Thus, responsibility and liability are not an empty entity but have an intensive meaning and sense.

That's why we apply for our own interest in security a very strict policy and all of our certificates issued have at least the amount, quality and double verified information as same as an SSLv3 EVSSL certificate.

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[DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. Certificate Authority Issuers
[DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. x509 CA Certificate (public key)
[DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. Certificate Revocation List (common)
[DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. Certificate Revocation List (authority)
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