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Our low budgeted but generous equipped web hosting tariffs for individuals make you smile how much you get for your money. Responsive and personalized support inclusive. Start your hosting here with us today and experience an enterprise class support and service even on entry level tariffs.

  1 Top Level Domain Name
  No data transfer limit
  500 Megabyte Web Space
  Perl / PHP script support
  10 SMTP(s)/POP3(s)/IMAP4(s) Mailboxes / (s)=TLS/SSL
  FTP Access
  Secure Web Mail Access
  Web Statistic and traffic analysis
  Ease of use online administration
  free of charge support on regular business ours
Subscription:minimum 12 months
Setup Fee (yearly):£9.00 / €9.99
Service Charge (monthly):£1.20 / €1.50
Domain Extension (yearly)*:£9.00 / €9.99
    * first year domain extension already included in the setup fee

* Top-Level-Domain (TLD) offer limited to:, subject to availability at time of subscription. Other TLD possible upon request, please call +44-1223-790101 ** Bandwidth reduces from 100MBit/s to 10MBit/s if traffic exceeds 25GB. ***not applicable if domain TLD is not listed above. Subscription is subject to minimum 1 year. Extra (additional) services are subject to current price list at the time of your order. Terms & conditions apply accordingly.