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  WFL J2EE/GlassFish V3ZI
Virtualise yourself. Taken the amount of clients into account our (open)Solaris™ whole root zone plan with take-off ready Glassfish™ instance seems to be something special. We know the reason why: Dedicated resources and no sharing! Definitely: Your root zone host will not blush compared to a dedicated machine.

  openSolaris™ / Oracle™ Solaris® Whole Root Zone
  GlassFish™ V3 + Java EE 6 SDK pre-installed
  Your GlassFish™ V3 Instance runs on Port 80 (HTTP)
  No fronting with Apache mod_jk/mod_proxy_ajp
  1 Top Level Domain Name
  1 public IP address
  No data transfer limit
  1 dedicated CPU Core
  250GB dedicated zone space
  750MB dedicated hdd swap space
  1.25GB dedicated RAM
  Hosting on AMD™ or Sun UltraSparc IIIi 64Bit multicore architecture
  10/100/1000 Layer III managed switch port
  full Root SSH Access to your openSolaris™ zone
  50 SMTP(s)/POP3(s)/IMAP4(s) Mailboxes / (s)=TLS/SSL
  MySQL Database Cluster pre-installed
  Secure Web Mail Access
  Web Statistic and traffic analysis
  free of charge annual domain extension
  free of charge support on regular business ours
Subscription:minimum 12 months
Setup Fee (one-time):£26.00 / €29.90
Service Charge (monthly):£26.00 / €29.90
Domain Extension (yearly)*:£0.00 / €0.00
    * first year domain extension already included in the setup fee

* Top-Level-Domain (TLD) offer limited to:, subject to availability at time of subscription. Other TLD possible upon request, please call +44-1223-790101 ** Bandwidth reduces from 100MBit/s to 10MBit/s if traffic exceeds 25GB. ***not applicable if domain TLD is not listed above. Subscription is subject to minimum 1 year. Extra (additional) services are subject to current price list at the time of your order. Terms & conditions apply accordingly.