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2014-02-11Customer & Business Partner Announcement 01-2014
P R I V A C Y   I S   A   H U M A N   R I G H T

The above is the major topic of our today released customer and business partner announcement no. 01-2014.

Internally upgraded network security standards and policies is the major issue of this letter. Commented is also the recent data theft of 16.000.000 eMail-Addresses in Germany and the revealed, still unfolding wiretapping operation by the NSA of the United States of America.

In response to the above issues the introduction of an extended type of our M.E.M. - Mobile Enterprise Messaging service is announced and scheduled for final launch on 30 March 2014.

Below available for download is a public version of our released letter which consists of part 1 only. For the interest in security part 2 of the letter is only disclosed to active customers and selected business partners.

The published service & product description of our upcoming M.E.M. extended service holds a little price draw which is open to everyone.

Customer & Business Partner Announcement (ENGLISH, Public Part 1/2 only) No. 01-2014 English PDF Download
Customer & Business Partner Announcement (GERMAN, Public Part 1/2 only) No. 01-2014 German PDF Download
M.E.M extended - Service & Product Description (ENGLISH, public) SID 50100 English PDF Download

2012-09-07In the living spirit of Sun: We're going openindiana!

Download the full article as PDF file:

English Version:

German Version:

We are only responsible for what we say.
But not for this what others believe they can make out of it!

2012-07-18For the record: 5th anniversary
Happy-Birthday [DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. 19 July 2007 - 19 July 2012

Many thanks for the past 5 years of trust to all of our
Customers, Business Partners, Suppliers, Friends & Fans.

2012-03-27Fully Authorized and licensed BlackBerry® Enterprise Service Provider

BlackBerry® Alliance Member
Completely unexpected and to our full surprise the Canadian BlackBerry® smart phone manufacturer Research in Motion Limited has approved today [DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. as a

Legally authorized and fully licensed BlackBerry® Enterprise Hosting Provider
coupled with having us welcome on board of the BlackBerry® Alliance.

These very exciting news are this time indeed a very moving and rock-solid Milestone in the company history of [DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd.

The new alliance with Research in Motion Limited Canada coupled with the dedicated legal authorizations and licenses opens to us new horizons to serve our valued clients from now on at highest security leves with professional and sophisticated mobile messaging services.

We are looking forward to very long lasting and strong growing alliance with Research in Motion Limited, the state of the art inventor of the BlackBerry® smart phone.

2012-03-01Prestigious: Our new Head Office
Cambridge Trinity House
// Head Office, Trinity House - Cambridge
New space. New style. New flair.

We are very delighted to announce that we moved into our new head office on 1 March 2012.

Its amazing to have found a place to work that offers all conveniences one can think of: New, modern and quiet!

The architecture of Trinity House in Cambridge is indeed a state of the art masterpiece in design that exposes perfectly the harmonizing combination of steel and glass.

From 1 March 2012 our new address reads as follows:

Trinity House
Cowley Road

2011-11-01New strategic partnership with GeoTrust® Inc.
GeoTrust® Premier Partner On 1 November 2011 [DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. entered a new strategic and important partner ship with GeoTrust®, a certificate authority for issuing SSL certificates

Due to the sad fact, that each year the amount of online fraud and identity theft climbs to new levels, we consider this new partnership as our liability and contribution to combat cyber crime by offering only Extended Validation SSL certificates to our clients.

Extended Validation SSL-Certificates deliver a very effective defense against phishing scams. For sure, web site visitors and especially online shoppers check on the green bar before they are entering sensitive information such as credit card details for payment purposes or their address details online.

We are looking forward to very strong and fast growing partnership with GeoTrust® Inc.

2010-04-07Solaris 10 now returned to costly license subscription
The following important changes have been introduced by Oracle with reference to the purchase of Sun Microsystems products:

Change to Solaris licensing:

Previously, as long as users restricted themselves to installing a limited set of publicly available patches, Solaris 10 was free to use. The licensing conditions have changed and whereas Solaris 10 can still be downloaded, Solaris is now only free to use for an evaluation period of 90 days. In addition, since January 26th, no patches are deemed to be publicly available. The terms of the license can be viewed on the following link:


All Solaris 10 installations have to be licensed, regardless of the brand of server and its use. Solaris licensing can be achieved in two ways:
  • Take out a hardware support contract which includes an annual Solaris subscription and support. This is priced at 12% of the value of the hardware purchase.
  • Purchase an annual Solaris subscription with support. This is priced at 8% of the value of the hardware purchase.

Users of 3rd party service organisations need to be aware that such support contracts do not cover Solaris licensing. Users of 3rd party support must still pay the 8% licensing fee. Users of Solaris on 3rd party hardware such as HP, Dell and IBM must also subscribe to a fee based Solaris subscription. Such subscriptions are either available through [DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. or directly through Oracle.

Previously, Solaris 10 was licensed & supported according to the number of CPU sockets in the server. In some cases, particularly with 2 socket servers, this could be a cheaper way of licensing the use of Solaris.

Until April 15th, 2010 the old Solaris subscriptions remain available to quote via [DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. If you act quickly, you can still take advantage of this advantageous pricing.

Sun software licensing (other than Solaris):

Oracle recently terminated the annual subscription licensing model that was used by Sun for such products as Sun Cluster, identity manager and Grid engine. Subscription licensing has however been replaced with term licensing.

Term license permit the end user to use a Sun software product for 2, 3, 4 or 5 years. The following discounts apply to term licenses:
  • 5-year term license = 70% of perpetual license
  • 4-year term license = 60% of perpetual license
  • 3-year term license = 50% of perpetual license
  • 2-year term license = 35% of perpetual license
Please call +44-208-1233365 or email us should you have any questions or require a quotation.

2010-01-29Application for Oracle™ Partner Network (OPN)
By today we have filed our application to join the Oracle Partner Network (OPN).

With regards to the merge of former Sun Microsystems™ Inc. and Oracle™, it is our aim to extend our services and support for Oracle™ products as well.

We have no doubt at all, that this decision is a well considered step to move towards with [DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. and to improve our abilities for the welfare of our clients.

Oracle's products and solutions for years are well known for their reliability and performance. Many businesses throughout the world rely and trust on Oracle™ solutions.

According to the above, our long year experience with the Solaris® Operating System coupled with being a verified and well experienced GlassFish System Integrator, our services and products offered will undergo an enrichment with the product portfolio of Oracle™.

We are looking forward to a cooperation with the new owner of Sun Microsystems™.

As soon our application has been reviewed and approved by Oracle™ we will provide you with an update here on our company's 'Milestone' page.

2010-01-27Case Oracle™ and Sun™: transaction completed
On January 27, 2010, Oracle announced it finalized its acquisition of Sun.

This combination transforms the IT industry. With the addition of servers, storage, SPARC processors, the Solaris operating system, Java, and the MySQL database to Oracle’s portfolio of database, middleware, and business applications, we plan to engineer and deliver open and integrated systems—from applications to disk—where all the pieces fit and work together out of the box.

Each layer of the stack will be architected to improve performance, leverage innovation and centralize management so that IT will be more predictable, more supportable, and more secure. Customers will benefit as their system performance, reliability and security goes up and their system integration and management costs go down.

(Source: http://www.oracle.com/us/sun/index.html)

2009-08-01Head Office moves to South Croydon, Surrey
Starting 1 August 2009 our company no longer operates from London and has moved its entire office to South Croydon, Surrey.

The new address reads as follows:

25 Beech Copse,
South Croydon,

2009-07-10Alliance with GlobalSign Ltd. United Kingdom
Security, the need for trust and confidence becomes more and more important to achieve success on the daily online business.

From today [DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. is a verified point of sales for digital certificate products of GlobalSign Ltd. United Kingdom.

GlobalSign is the second oldest Certificate Authority in the world, after VeriSign. This SSL veteran has issued over 120,000 web certificates to a range of businesses worldwide. These include both major banks and public companies.

You may now order digital certificates, e. g. Domain SSL certificates, digital signature or even code signing certificates from us. This enables you not only to benefit from great discounted rates, you may expect an outstanding consultancy and support what helps you to exactly determine your requirements.

2009-06-01Sun™ GlassFish™ Technology Partner
[DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. has been approved as Sun GlassFish™ Technology Partner.

Furthermore we are a verified System Integrator for the Sun&trade GlassFish™ Enterprise Server.
This is to having introduced our high valued Web Flat now! J2EE GlassFish web hosting plan.

GlassFish system integrators (SIs), hosting partners and other solution providers are experienced in developing and deploying architectures based on the GlassFish Portfolio.

2009-05-27WebFlat now! J2EE GlassFish now JPL verified
Sun Microsystems™ has approved and verified our valued WebFlat now! J2EE GlassFish Hosting Plan to join the Java Powered Program.

Our WebFlat now! J2EE GlassFish Hosting Plans are now entitled to carry the Java Powered Logo and indicate the well known reliability of Java based products and services.

2009-05-27Sun appoints us Principle Partner
Sun Microsystems Inc.


Dublin, 27 May 2009 - Sun Microsystems Inc. announced today that [DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. is now a Principal Partner in the Sun(SM) Partner Advantage Program, for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) . [DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. qualified for this level by meeting Sun's stringent criteria for excellence as a supplier of software and business solutions, and by committing to tight strategic and technical alignment with Sun.

By achieving Principal Partner status, [DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. joins the growing community of ISVs that are developing applications for or porting applications to the Sun platform. The benefits to Sun customers include access to a broader range of pre-tested, optimized solutions; investment protection and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) through collaborative engineering between Sun and its partners; and a higher level of predictability and support as Sun rolls out its latest technologies and software upgrades.

Specifically, [DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. is porting several software solutions to the Solaris Operating System, wich are e. g. as follows:

> ImmoWeb! Project - Online Market Tool for Real Estate Agent
> WebFlat now! J2EE GlassFish - Specialized Hosting Plans for Sun GlassFish Server
> SUNFREEPACKS.COM - Sun Solaris OS Package Repository

Sun continues to be one of the leading innovators in our industry and the platform of choice for many of our customers," said [DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd.. "Sun's collaborative business model works well for our company and our customers, and now as a Principal Partner in the Sun Partner Advantage Program we're in a stronger position to leverage Sun's technical resources and expertise to serve our customers."

About the Sun Partner Advantage Program

Introduced in September, 2005, the Sun Partner Advantage Program, for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), is designed to make it easier for ISVs to get the resources they need to go to market faster on the Solaris 10 OS, link with Sun's Marketing, extend their sales reach, harness the expertise and connections of Sun's partner ecosystem, and help grow their business. The Program helps create an increased level of collaboration among Sun and its ecosystem of technology partners. By participating in the Sun Partner Advantage Program, ISVs receive simplified, programmatic, Web-based access to the resources they need to help them succeed in each stage of the application life cycle: design, development, deployment, and operation. For complete details about the individual offerings that are available, go to www.sun.com/partners/isv.


[DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. is an international trading internet service provider and system integrator for products and software of Sun Microsystems.

The company is as well a premier provider of managed/unmanaged hosting and all other hosting related services.

As one of a few companies and without any exception, we maintain a very fast hosting infrastructure on high reliable Sun Microsystems™ SPARC™ platforms for mission critical business application hosting.

For individuals we offer some very attractive and unrevalled hosting plans.

The company was incorporated mid of July 2007 in London / United Kingdom, but in fact the root of our business goes back until the beginning of the year 1997 when we started to serve clients on the internet.

2009-04-20Oracle™ to buy Sun™
SANTA CLARA, California April 20, 2009 Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ: JAVA) and Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL) announced today they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Oracle will acquire Sun common stock for $9.50 per share in cash. The transaction is valued at approximately $7.4 billion, or $5.6 billion net of Sun’s cash and debt. ...read full article >>

2009-04-16Introduction £50 Promotion Program
Recommending us to a business or to a new client from now on will be honored by us with a £50 Sterling bank note in cash straight to the recommender.

The promotion program runs without a limit on time and eligible to join in are all those whose principle business is not part of trading and selling.

All the details about our £50 promotion program and how to join can be found right here.

2009-03-06ImmoWeb! Project now Sun Solaris Certified
The ImmoWeb! Project of [DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. - an Real Estate eCommerce Solution designed for Estate Agents - has undergone several tests by Sun Microsystems.

Sun conducted several performance and appliance tests of the solution to the Solaris 10 Operating System and even checked on ease of use.

Our ImmoWeb! Project, what was first introduced to the market in 2003 and was continuously improved over the past years, successfully passed all conducted tests.
The ImmoWeb! Project from now on is officially certified by Sun Microsystems and testifies, that our particular eCommerce solution is best hosted on the Sun Solaris Operating System.

Please click here to learn more about the ImmoWeb! Project.


2009-01-01Launch of all new corporate web site
On time with new year [DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. launches its all new corporate web site with a customer relation management system.

Time of development took about 1 1/2 year and the page supports all 4 major languages: English, German, Italian and French.

We trust, that all of our valued clients will love the new site and benefit from their personal and secret client area access.

The new introduced client area not only provides management facilities of web hosting plans - clients are now able retrieving their invoices Online as a PDF document, can review their contracts and may keep track of their payment history.

With the launch of the new site we have also introduced a complete new set of products and revised all price schemes to a more transparent one. Nevertheless, a new support policy for faster responses has been put in place as well.

The development cycle was strongly focused on a high level of security and an ease of use. All customers where issued with new access details in order to protect their privacy and personal details.

2008-12-15Sponsoring of SUNFREEPACKS.COM Project
As per end of December 2008 [DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. starts the full sponsorship of sunfreepacks.com.

sunfreepacks.com is a software package repository for the Sun Solaris Operating System. Many software programs have been ported to Solaris, have enriched the operating system and made it finally more functional and convenient for the users.

[DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. has developed the package repository site, package database and sponsors the project with free of charge web hosting and bandwith. Furthermore we deliver our contribution on software packages for the Sun Sparc platforms.

2008-11-28Approved Associate Partner of Sun Microsystems Inc.
With effective of 28 November 2008 [DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. has been approved by Sun Microsystems Inc. as an Associate Partner.

This is the beginning of a strategic and important alliance to enrich our product portfolio with a lot of more high valued products and services Sun Microsystems has to offer.

From now on our clients may consider [DE]SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Ltd. as an independent software vender (ISV) for the Sun Solaris Operating System.

Furthermore we offer a wide range of Sun Solaris and Sun Server support and are eligible to rely on more sources to deliver the best services and products to our valued customers.

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